Gary R. Epler, M.D.

Internationally Known Harvard Medical School Professor


Create Happiness for the Zest of Life. Happiness is one of the most important sought-after ingredients of life. People are in charge of 40 percent of their happiness level. People can sustain a high level of happiness focus on what’s internally important to them. A large part of experiencing happiness throughout the day is in the flow where people experience true satisfaction when totally absorbed in an activity and the skill level is equally balanced with the challenge.

Be Alive, Engage in Life. Being engaged in life means that at all times, people need to know what they’re doing, what they want and where they’re going. Being engaged in life means doing the second part of the job and doing the last five percent of the job.  

Build Meaning into Your Life for an Improved World. People need to do something outside of themselves. Contribute to family, friends, the community, or a nonprofit organization, and doing something without getting something in return. Finding a purpose in life creates meaning in life.

Accomplishments Propel You to Well-Being. Accomplishments can be major long-term achievements or smaller short-term accomplishments. Each one creates positive feelings that form the basis of well-being. Accomplishments require managing procrastination and keeping the positive brain regions healthy and functioning at the very top level.

Sustainable Positive Social Interaction. Positive daily interaction with people is healthy for all participants and is self-sustaining. Beware the dark triad personality. One aspect of positive social interaction is not judging people as being nonjudgmental frees the need for comparison, resulting in increased personal energy and sense of well-being.